Dear Ufuk and Monika,
Helen (my wife) and I had a wonderful sailing week last week in Turkey together with our friends. Ufuk and his crew showed great hospitality besides very good sailing. We enjoyed the boat and the area so much that we will definitely try to come back.

Gerhard & Helen

Dear Monika and Ufuk and his crew,
Also on behalf of our friends we want to thank you for a really great week on board of the "Seyma Kaptan". We enjoyed every minute thanks to your high service level and friendliness.
In case we are able to repeat this holiday event I am sure we will meet again in Bodrum on the Seyma Kaptan.
Kind regards and hoping to see you again!

Cornelis & Ingrid

Many thanks to the great captain and his wonderful crew for a really fantastic cruise!
The food was terrific - very varied and interesting, and it was so good to have our own ensuite bathroom, and comfortable beds. Fresh towels and a makeover of the cabins every day was much appreciated.
The sailing itself was most enjoyable, and especially relaxing when there was enough wind to power us without the motor.
It was our best boating holiday ever, and we hope to come again.

Felicity and Colin Boothman

Thank you for a wonderful Aegean cruise!

We had a great time. Ufuk was a great Captain and the crew were a delight too. The boat is very comfortable and we wanted for nothing. Our only complaint - too much beautiful food. I fear we have all put extra weight on!

Please pass on our thanks to everyone.

Paul & Murray

My family, friends and I spent a wonderful week in one of the most beautiful gulet we could find, eating the best food we have ever had in Turkey.
Ufuk and Monika are amazing hosts and you can really expect to sail if weather allows.

Rodrigo, family and friends

Dear Ufuk,
we want to thank you and Captain Engin, Jaho and Mezut for the perfect week we had on board of the Seyma Kaptan. The menu was a daily highlight, the service was excellent and the ship is really very nice and comfortable. I have made many boat trips so far, this was the most relaxing with the best food so far.

Patrick and family

We had a most wonderful holiday aboard Seyma Kaptan, thank you all for making it an amazing and unforgettable holiday.
We were most impressed. From the moment of our first contact with you, and your helpful, friendly approach, we knew we had made the right choice. The warm welcome from all the crew and their superlative service throughout the voyage meant that we had a totally relaxing time. The gulet was comfortable and the perfect size for our party of 10. Fabulous!

The Engin, Pearce and Wood families


Monika and Ufuk, you really did all your best to make it a very wonderful week....

First of all we would like to thank you for one of the most relaxing holiday we have ever been on.
This trip could not have been more perfect and all aspects of the Seyma Kaptan exceeded our expectations.

The boat is simply beautiful! Very clean, spacious and in perfect shape! It was the perfect size and layout for our group of 8 people.
The crew was equally impressive. Discreet but friendly level of interaction, very professional and extremely helpful.
The fantastic cooking of our chef was to die for... Absolutely delicious!

We are all missing the lovely time we spent on board...hope to return again soon!

Fabrizia, Gigi, Roberto, Roberta, Shasa, Chloé, Matteo and Lorenzo

What a wonderful way to spend a week. We were 5 couples and never felt like we were in each ohers way. Our chef (Happy) cooked up a storm every single day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The two deck hands were always eager to please (Raci and Jaho) thank you and our Captain Ufuk was always willing to do whatever we asked. What a great Captain always very professional and friendly. The fact that he spoke English made the whole trip even easier. Monika the Captain's wife was always really easy to deal with in the lead up to our trip. Made for very smooth sailing! All and all I highly recommend everyone do this at least once in their life. I'm hoping for twice!


FABULOUS! We had an amazing time on board the Seyma Kaptan!

Being total novices to sailing we had no idea what to aspect from this holiday. As we never plan our trips long in advance and time and tide wait for no man, we found that all our friends had made their holiday arrangements long before. So we were hesitant... Is this boat too large for just the two of us? Will it feel awkward when staff outnumbers the guests? Will we have enough privacy? Will we get bored? Will we get seasick? I must answer NO to all these questions!!

It truly was a FIVE STAR experience. From dawn to dusk the staff went out of their way to make our stay onboard as memorable, indulgent and relaxing as one can imagine. Each day Cookie cooked up a storm for breakfast and lunch. Fantastic, healthy homemade food. At night the Captain saw to his BBQ –a grill feast- while the staff was always on hand to constantly top up our glasses. In every aspect a royal treatment! We found that the days on board soon began to blend into a long lazy slur of relaxation, swimming, dining and sailing.

As for sailing, it will please the sailing aficionado’s that Captain Ufuk really loves his sailing. Every afternoon, the crew would hoist the sails. The silence once they are up is mesmerizing! The hours spent lounging under these sails with a good book and our favorite music certainly helped to chase away all memories of the nine to five! The beauty of the Seyma Kaptan, besides being a stunning gulet, also lies in the fact that Captain Ufuk and his wife Monika are the owners of the boat they are so passionate about. We found the enthusiasm with which they run their business, the personal contact when preparing for this trip, their flexibility, the attention to detail and their concern for your wellbeing onboard, truly heartwarming.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect holiday!

Peter & Niko,
Antwerp, Belgium

The article in Austrian newspaper including Şeyma Kaptan

Dear Captain Ufuk, Monika and the crew of Seyma Kaptan,

We are writing to say a big 'TESEKKUR EDERIM' for the fantastic time we had onboard the Seyma Kaptan last week. From beginning to end, our experience with you and your professional crew has been faultless and we could not ask for a better holiday. We count ourselves lucky to have had the pleasure of calling the lovely Seyma Kaptan gulet our 'floating home' during those 6 short days.

We appreciate the thought and care shown by each of your crew in making our stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. The food prepared by cook Hussein was brilliant - we have never tried so many new mezes before and we are now inspired to explore Turkish food in our home country. A special thank you to your sailor Yasharr (sorry if I've spelt his name wrongly)! He seemed to be able to 'read our minds' to anticipate what we needed - accompanying us on our trips on land to act as our guide & translator, looking for our missing sunglasses, snapping photos and constantly looking out for us. My nieces will miss his warm smile and the lovely flowers he picks for them. I hope his finger will recover soon!

Our only regret is that our cruise was far too short!! We will definately be back for another holiday-adventure with you and we wish you all the best in the new season.

Thank you once again and good luck with the rest of your sailing season.


Steven & Yuen Peng

Dear Monika and Ufuk,

As we said before we left the gullet, Jane and I as well as all of our family who enjoyed time with you are deeply grateful to you for having made it possible for us all to have such a wonderful time.
The locations were stunning and the experience unique. But as important as the scenery and facilities of the gullet was the other fundamental ingredient, namely the people. You both are extraordinarily warm people and you have gathered around you a crew of exceptionally helpful guys. Each in his own way was terrific. The food was fantastic and a credit to Hussein, while the help, service and unfailing good humour of Yasser and Hakan made it so much easier for Jane.

Patrick Wilde

Thank you to you and Captain Ufuk and all the crew for giving us such a memorable experience aboard “Şeyma Kaptan.” You made us feel welcome and took such good care of us for the entire time of the cruise. The ship was spotlessly clean, even in the engine room, which was cleaner than the cabin of some boats! Then we had such delicious, fresh food, three times a day. When you combine these things with the islands, the secluded anchorages, the mountains, the blue water, the mild breezes, you really have a kind of paradise, which we were privileged to enjoy for a week. Anita said one day, “When this is all over, it will seem to us like a dream,” and so it is. It will be a pleasure for me to tell people I meet about our wonderful cruise.

With best regards,
Roger Sherman

Şeyma Kaptan, we already have missed all of you! The trip was amazing, we are planning to come back again next year... And thanks for everything, again!!! It was just awesome :)


The trip on the Şeyma Kaptan was a very good experience for all of us. The friendly and very professional crew made us an unforgetable moment in our life. The beautiful shallow bays we rested and we stayed over the nights have been perfectly selected by the captain. The food was mainly local and on a high quality like in a five star hotel. The service was very atentive and fulfilled all wishes. The ship itself is in a very good condition with a lots of nice details.

On thing is sure, we will return on a trip in 2013 or 2015 and for sure with the Şeyma Kaptan, thank you for all.


Nous avons passé l' année dernière 15 jours, avec Ufuk et son équipage, sur le Şeyma Kaptan, notre séjour a été très réussi. Cette année nous revenons et nous sommes très contents de faire la connaissance de Monika et du Şeyma refait à neuf.

Brigitte Duhamel

In May/June 2010 we had our holiday on the Şeyma Kaptan with captain Ufuk and his crew. We had a great week on this beautiful, authentic Turkish Yacht. The food was excellent and the crew was very kind and helpfull. We were part of a group with many nationalities. During different moments of the day we were able to take a swimm in the water of the most beautifull bays of Greece, and we visited several Greek Islands.

If the wind was good Captain Ufuk stopped the engines, and hoisted the sails so we actually sailed with the wind. This was a great experience. Again we had a great week and we hope to be able to come back once to sail the Turkish coast with The Şeyma Kaptan.

Harrie Vissers

Dear ŞEYMA KAPTAN friends,

You cannot imagine how many times we explained our family and friends about the delicious treatment we received during the wonderful journey we shared. We recommend everyone looking to enjoy a different holidays not to lose this opportunity. We’re confident that you’ll be fully satisfied, both because of the inexplicable feeling of sailing on such a unique sailboat and because of the sensation of being like at home.

We intend to gather a group to repeat the experience in a close future. We hope we can achieve it.

A big hug to all of you, Kapt Ufuk, his wife Monika, our chef Jam and our sailor Hakan. We remember you and we wish you all the best, you deserve it.

Warmest regards,
Conxita i Josep

Šių metų gegužės mėn. poilsiavome Bodrume ir pasitaikė galimybė plaukti „Şeyma kaptan“ jachta. Maloniai nuteikė puikus jachtos įgulos aptarnavimas, vaišės, šeimininkų dėmesys. Grožėjomės nuostabia gamta ir įdomiu Kapitono pasakojimu apie salas bei įlankas ir galimų kelionių jachta maršrutus.

Norime nuoširdžiai padėkoti Monikai ir Ufukui už nepamirštamas akimirkas. Tikimės dar sugrįžti į nuostabų burių miestą ir paslaptingą jachtą.

Regina, Žydrė